Everyone has heard of the infamous grumpy cat, which clearly not a dog but I felt her to be blog worthy regardless. And yes you read that right grumpy cat is a girl. her name is Tartar Sauce and she is two years old. According to her owner, a woman by the name of Tabetha Bundsen, Tartar Sauce ironically has the most pleasant disposition. Tartar sauce was born April 4, 2012 the permanent scowl on her face is do to a combination of an underbite and feline dwarfism.

Tartar Sauce rose to fame in September 2012 after Tabetha’s brother posted a photo on reddit a social media site.Since then the grumpy cat memes are recognized by all, here are a few good ones:


These are just a few of the memes grumpy cat is known for. Thank you for reading, please leave any comments, stories or suggestions.