Spot’s Dog Kennel is pleased to introduce our community to a great organization: Paws for Dog Walks

Our good friend, Samantha Rodgers, is a lifelong dog lover and has worked with pups in just about every capacity imaginable! From volunteering at shelters and kennels to working with AKC sponsored show dogs, Samantha has done it all. During her time as a professional dog walker, she realized how crucial proper training and exercise is for a dog’s physical and mental well-being. Ultimately, she found her calling and is currently studying to become a professional dog trainer and canine behaviorist.

While she completes her certification, Samantha wanted to raise awareness of the importance of regularly walking your dog and taking the time to understand his needs better.

“I want to start helping more owners and their furry counterparts, this is why I started my (Facebook) page Paws for Dog Walks. I am a firm believer that all owners should walk their dogs or, at the very least, hire a professional dog walker to do so. Too many dogs are under exercised which can lead to behavior issues, which will frustrate the owner and harm their relationship with their dog.” – Samantha Rodgers, founder Paws for Dog Walks

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Samantha and Paws for Dog Walks and will be posting helpful tips Samantha has picked up in her experience working with dogs. In the meantime, we recommend visiting the Paws for Dog Walks Facebook page and supporting them with a “like” by clicking the link below

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