Last year a man named John Miles and his dog Lucy were hit by a car while on their routine walk, and what this dog did is heartwarming. 8 year old beagle mix Lucy saved her owners life in December of 2013 in Dorchester Boston when the injured dog went for help after the incident. Miles and Lucy had been walking the same four mile walk that they walked every day of the previous 8 years, the driver was said to be speeding when they hit Miles and Lucy. after the accident occurred Lucy on a broken leg went to a nearby dentistry and began barking persistently to get help. By the time help arrived, Lucy had braced herself against her nearly unconscious owner and refused to leave his side, even as he was lifted into an ambulance. Miles who had received two broken legs, a broken arm and multiple facial fractures was unrecognizable and was only able to be identified using Lucy’s dog tags. While Miles was in the hospital the dog was placed in the care of his daughter-in-law, Caitlin Miles who later said “Seeing Lucy whine in John’s study was heartbreaking as I know she was thinking about the accident and worried for him. Moreover, our initial belief that her injury was superficial proved wrong when she stopped bearing weight on her rear right leg-I knew she had to get to the vet right away.” It was then discovered Lucy had a torn ligament in her knee and was in need of surgery. Both have recovered from their trauma  thanks to the donations given to pay for Lucy’s care and the family’s dedication to both Miles and Lucy.

Lucy And Miles


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