On May 9, 2014 a Chihuahua was found on a barrier on a freeway in California. No one knows if it was an act of cruelty or an unfortuneit accident, but the Chihuahua was certainly terrified. During rush hour along I-680 in the Bay Area, CHP motorcycle officer coaxed the little dog off the barrier. At first the terrifed animal wanted nothing to do with officer John Fransen but eventually he came around after the caring officer won his trust by offering him a piece of protein bar. It is believed that the animal was probably abandoned there, left to fend for himself by his neglectful owner. Fransen says that “As sad as it sounds, it actually happens pretty often.”

Image ImageImageBut don’t feel to bad for the little guy, calls have been flooding since the story broke, by people looking to adopt him. This is one of those stories that people say restore their faith in humanity, don’t know if I’d go that far but it does put a smile on my face.

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