Dogs mouths are cleaner than humans: true or false

The answer is false. Growing up in a family full of dog lovers I often heard that dogs mouths were cleaner than humans. When someone would let the dog lick their face or when they’d share their ice cream with the dog after it had gotten into the garbage an hour before, I would ask myself; is it true that a dogs mouth is cleaner than mine even though I brush my teeth twice a day or is it as gross as it seems?

Well they have doggie breath for a reason. Although no one knows for sure how the idea came to be there seems to be two main theories as to why people say that the mouths of mans best friend is cleaner than mans. The first being that since a dog licked its wounds that their mouths were sterile. Why they really do it is to prevent scabbing and to promote circulation causing the injuries to heal faster. The second theory began when studies of human bites being more dangerous then a dogs were released. The studies, however, have since has been discredited due to the lack of clarification as to what qualified as a bite. 

According to Colin Harvey, a Professor of Surgery and Dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania’s school of Veterinary medicine “it’s like comparing apples to oranges”.( Dogs have some bacteria that overlaps with the bacteria in human mouths but most of it is what is known as species specific bacteria, so it is not harmful to humans.

In short, it won’t kill you to share your ice cream cone with your dog but I’d just as soon keep it for myself. Post with any thoughts or questions and check back soon for new little known doggie facts.