Saluki, although not very well known, is an interesting breed.The Saluki is a breed that is thought to have originated in the Middle East  or Egypt. In the tombs in Egypt both images and the mummified remains of what is thought to be some of the dogs ancestors have been discovered. While it was originally a hunting breed after it’s introduction to the west it became a companion and show dog. The saluki is usually a calm and affectionate dog but it you let them off leash they might try to chase small animals if your not paying attention so be careful even if they are properly trained.

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While the breed may be a good companion don’t forget it is an athletic breed and will need lots of exercise. The breed was used to hunt Gazelles, Foxes, Jackels, and Hares in the desert. They have a tapering head, a thin, elegant but muscled build, with long pendant ears. Their coat is overall short with long silky feathering on the ears and tail. The coats color can be black, tan, fawn, cream and red or a combination of the various colors.


The name Saluki is after an old Arabic city called Saluk. The breed has a long rich history and is quite interesting. Although it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves it’s a beautiful breed. The Saluki has a life expectancy of 11 to 13 years and is considered a medium sized dog.

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