Over the last decade or so the labradoodle has been gaining in popularity. The Labradoodle is the designer dog that started it all. A mixture of a Labrador and a Standard Poodle the dogs are irresistible and virtually dander free. Labradoodles have a short history, they were created in Australia in the late 1980s by a retired veterinarian who knew someone who needed a guide dog but who was allergic to dogs. While the dog isn’t completely hypoallergenic, no dog is, however it is a better choice for people who are allergic.
Although the dog isn’t an official breed but a cross between 2 breeds you never know what your going to get. The dogs coat comes in three main varites, there is hair which is the straightest, fleece which is wavy and wool which is the curliest and the most allergy friendly. these dogs are cute as a button but they need a lot of exercise and a walk around the block won’t cut it. The Labradoodle has been known to suffer from hip displayisa and they may experience some genetic eye problems. These dogs are pretty low maintenance in the grooming department and there’s very little shedding. These pooches take after both their parenting breed in that they are extremely intelligent and easy to train, make sure you start early because your Labradoodle will likely need help focusing its energy. These dogs also make great family pets and will live happily almost anywhere so long as you give them space to burn off their energy.



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