From now on I’m going to try something different.   I want to write about a different breed of dog every other week and follow it with a story related to that breed. I’m going to start with the Irish Setter.  So here’s to my first one, may they only get better from here.

The Irish Setter was bred in Ireland in the 18th century.  Originally it was bred as a hunting dog. Thought to be bred from the English Setter, Gordon Setter,  spaniels and pointers, this dog is a hunter through and through.  They have wonderful personalities and are great family pets. Irish Setter’s are known for being energetic and fun pets. There are two types of setters, the larger heavier hunting type and the sleek lighter field dog. They’re great pets but need lots of exercise and therefore are only good for people who can give it to them. The setter is popular because of that beatiful red or chestnut coat, unfortunately, this lovely coat requires regular grooming, at least every other day. While the dogs are good with older children the setter may be to rambunctious for toddlers.  They are also good with other pets, but birds may be a problem, the bird could be seen as prey, so if you have birds be careful. If your looking for any more information or detail I found to be useful. Comment if you have any questions, stories or requests for the next breed, thank you.