Recently I had a request for a boxer blog which thrilled me to no end because I actually have a boxer. Boxers are some of the most fun loving dogs you’ll ever have, they never grow up and are always hyper. I got my boxer when she was about 7 weeks old and she’s about nine now so I know firsthand just how much of a handful they can be. They also have tongues that never stop but that makes sense considering that boxers hold the record for having the longest tongues. Boxers get their names from their signature move, were they quite literally box you.

Photo (2)

(Bonnie, 9 years old)

The boxer was bred from the English bulldog and a German Bullenbeisser which is now extinct. The Bullenbeisser was a type of mastiff used to seize large game like bear and wild boar. Boxers were first unveiled at the turn of the century and they were the stars in some of the first motion picture, although it’s no wonder these fun loving dogs love attention and are very expressive. Boxers often smile when happy and due to the fact that many don’t have tails they wag their whole backsides, making for a very comical welcome. They are loyal and make great family pets but be mindful around small children, it wouldn’t be unlike them to knock over a toddler when they get excited.


The boxer has three coats fawn, brindle, and white, and the only major difference between the three is that 18% of white boxers are deaf at birth. But boxers are intelligent dogs and trainable so as long as they are properly trained there should be no major issues. Unfortunately boxers are prone to cancer and due to their short coats and muzzles they are also sensitive to temperatures. However their short coat makes grooming a breeze. Overall boxers make excellent pets and as a boxer owner I highly recommend them.