The American Foxhound was one of the first American breeds to be created. Bred from the English Foxhound and French Hounds that had been sent to George Washington by French General Lafayette. It was developed during the 1700s in order to be better suited for the rolling countyside of Virginia and Maryland. While highly similar to the English Foxhound it has a keener sense of smell, greater stamina, as well as a lighter-framed build and quicker pace.


The American Foxhound like all Foxhounds was used for hunting foxes, and a variety of other small game, both in packs and alone. Although it was better suited as a companion then it’s English counterpart, which has traditionally been almost exclusively kenneled in packs.


The American Foxhound is affectionate by nature and makes for a good family pet, however it requires an abundance of exercise due to its athletic nature. It’s an intelligent breed so as per usual it can be stubborn and requires stimulation, so if it catches an interesting scent they’re likely to wonder off after it. But on the flip side they’re capable of learning complicated commands and they tend to be less stubborn then many of the truly stubborn breeds. The breed also has a life expectancy of 10-12 years, considering that it’s a medium sized, pure blood that’s pretty decent.


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