I recently rediscovered a heartwarming book I enjoyed as a child. The book is called Big Red and it’s actually part of a children’s series about a boy and his Irish Setter which is why I choose to do this particular breed.
 Big Red - Book By Jim Kijelgaard
The story is about a boy named Danny who falls in love with a beautiful Irish Setter. After meeting, the two quickly become inseparable. They soon face many dangers in the harsh Wintapi wilderness, but their greatest enemy is the savage king of the forest, a bear by the name of Old Majesty. Together they fight to survive and be happy. It reminds me a little of Lassie, a book I have read to my younger brothers. The book highlights some of the key traits of the Irish Setter by describing the breeds loyalty, hunting skills and it’s ability to be a family dog. If you know of any Irish Setter stories or have any suggestions for future posts please comment.